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Green Country Ammo

Green Country Ammo 9mm Ammo, 147 gr. FMJ, 1000 rds

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Training to become more proficient in the art of handgun requires reliable, sistent ammunition. This 147gr 9mm Full Metal Jacket manufactured by Green Country Ammunition is one of the most sought after rounds in Green Country for its consistency and performance, and will provide you the edge you need to take your marksmanship to the next level.

Engineered to perform on the range and during competition, the this 147gr 9mm FMJ round is the embodiment of performance and consistency. The 147gr round nose bullets have an inherently flat trajectory, and make for a consistent point of aim, point of impact inside of 25 yards.

Brass cartridges make for a malfunction free extractions and ejections of spent casings during any course of fire, and provide for an excellent reload opportunity for shooters who are looking to stretch their dollars even further after a long day at the range. For competition and high volume shooters alike, this Green Country Ammunition 147gr 9mm FMJ is performance and consistency in every round.

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